You fell in love. Got married. Maybe you had children-some you’re still raising and some are grown.  You’ve developed close friendships and navigated the disappointments that have happened along the way.  You’ve been living life.   Are you thinking – now what?

Love is a personal journey.

We are happy to announce a private class offered ONLY FOR graduates of Freedom to Love-Family Edition:

Freedom to Love –Your Personal Journey in Relationships

Taught by Nura Laird
February 21st – April 17th
5:30-7pm PST/ 6:30-8pm MST/ 7:30-9pm CST/ 8:30-10pm EST
Class limited to 20 participants.
** All calls are recorded and mp3 audio files sent to all participants after each class.

Freedom to Love Advanced is an 8-week, experiential workshop designed to transform your relationships spiritually, to restore or deepen your love, and create the intimacy and connection God wants you to have!

Nura says,

“This is a spiritual walking course and students will be guided to access their second heart and beyond. This is not just tasting or information – students will be walked deeply.

In this course, you will learn how to restore the love.  And it’s not about finding the right person.  This kind of love is made and not born. It’s not magical chemistry.  It’s about something we create through intention, personal responsibility, hard work, and spiritual principles.  In this course, God willing, you will experience what is possible for YOU in YOUR relationships by divine design-relationships that are beautiful, loving, honest, and nourishing.”

God gave us the gift of relationships as a tool to help us grow closer to Him. The first telecourse was an introduction to the principles and the “how, what and why.” This course is about bringing the principles to life in tangible ways, applying them in yourself and in your relationships. Our goal is not to educate, but to teach practical application for healing and deepening relationships.

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This course includes:

  • Lessons, guided exercises, role playing and personal interaction
  • Students will receive personalized help from Nura regarding their real-life relationship issues.
  • Travel deeply inside, move past the “outside” trigger points that block love
  • Learn practical techniques to master Divine Love in relationships

You will learn:

Class #1 – Mastering Divine Love – ADVANCED

  • Discover that YOU ARE the Love and that love is your deepest nature.
  • Receive support to step into your “fitra” or essence of divine love
  • Discover and remove your personal veils in relationships so that you are free to live the truth of who you are
  • Learn how to choose love in a situation when you normally would choose something else such as blame, judgment, getting even, etc.
  • Learn how to be free from “default reactions” so that moving with love IS AUTOMATIC or can be a choice.

Class #2 – Mastering Divine Connection – ADVANCED

  • Uncover the blocks that separate you from yourself and another.
  • Experience and learn how to walk in your relationships so that your spiritual connection translates practically into your world.
  • Gain clarity on feelings and needs as they arise in difficult situations.
  • Deepen your connection to the Divine and to loved ones.
  • Learn to travel deep within your heart and to give from this deep divine resource.

Class #3 & 4 – Mastering Divine Communication – ADVANCED

  • Practice heart-centered communication so that you are ready to apply it in your own situations.
  • Experience role plays to free yourself from stumbling blocks.

Class #5 & 6 – Mastering Divine Caring – ADVANCED

  • Taste the station of divine caring where you want for another what you want for yourself.
  • Clear blocks so that you embody the station of divine caring in your relationships.

Class #7 & 8 – Mastering Conflict Resolution – ADVANCED

  • Deepen your understanding of conflict.
  • Apply specific principles of mirroring, active listening, role reversal, and forgiveness that walk you through conflict.
  • Understand how your walking from previous classes is the foundation for conflict resolution in your relationships.
  • Experience healing which translates into transformation in relationships

$495, or 3 payments of $165
Class limited to 20 people.

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