This series of three multiple-session telecourses is designed to bring the new spiritual practices that Sidi has introduced during the last few years. If you haven’t had the chance to sit with Sidi every year since you attended USHS, these will help bring you up to speed. If you have been introduced to the new practices Sidi has brought over the years, these sessions may deepen your understanding of them, and give you the opportunity to practice them in a group of your peers.

Becoming a Pure Vessel of Allah — $75 (Series 1)

Amany Shalaby Sept. 23 Refining Your Qualities
Said bin Yunus Oct. 21 The Beauty of the Quran
Laila Walzer Nov. 18 Purifying Your Vessel

New Spiritual Healing Techniques — $75 (Series 2)

Nura Laird Jan. 20 Removing Veils by the Roots
Rahima Schmall Feb. 17 The Letter of the Prophet I
Aisha Cotten Mar. 24 The Letter of the Prophet II

Advanced Walking & Self Healing — $75 (Series 3)

Rahim Bronner April 21 What Happened to My Walking? Coming
Back into the Arms of Allah…
Abdul Rahim Keeley May 19 Stations & States
Wadude Laird June 16 Slavehood & the Trials of Relationships

All classes are at 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm Pacific Time.

All classes will be recorded and emailed to students within 24-48 hours.

Price: $75 per set of 3 classes; $210 for whole series of 9 sessions.

Course Descriptions

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Becoming a Pure Vessel of Allah
Spiritual practices to keep you moving forward on your spiritual path

Refining Your Qualities — Amany Shalaby — Sept. 23
Amany guides you through the qualities duas practice that Sidi has prescribed for us to use every Sunday and Thursday night. Listen in to improve your pronunciation as well as your understanding of what these phrases mean on the deepest levels.

The Beauty of the Qur’an — Said bin Yunus — Oct. 21
Over the past few years, Sidi has been encouraging people to begin regular reading & study of Allah’s Divine Recital, al-Qur’an. For many who are new to the path, this can be a difficult hurdle. Said bin Yunus would like to discuss some aspects of the Qur’an generally and/or specifically discuss the value & meanings of a few chapters that Sidi has encouraged us to read/recite daily.

Purifying Your Vessel — Laila Walzer — Nov. 18
Laila will introduce a process that cleans all the human senses through Allah’s holy qualities. This practice can clean all the faculties and ultimately move you closer to being a pure vessel of Allah.

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New Spiritual Healing Techniques
When he teaches at USHS sessions, Sidi often gives the students new prophetic healing prayers and tools to advance their learning and their walking. As the students practice these techniques for their homework, they gain new understanding of how Allah heals. For alumni who are actively giving and/or receiving healings, these classes will insha’llah enhance your knowledge of the path and your walking to Allah.

Removing Veils by the Roots — Nura Laird — Jan. 20
In Sidi’s books, he has emphasized the differences between the righteous ones and the ones brought near. Our path leads us to become the ones brought near. For this, we need to remove our veils by their roots. In this class Nura will unpack this teaching and lead you in a practice that insha’llah gives you a taste of removing a veil by the roots.

The Letter of the Prophet I — Rahima Schmall — Feb. 17
Sidi has given us a profound healing prayer called the Letter of the Prophet. This is contained on the brown paper that we place behind a client for protection. It is a powerful healing method that dispels many things, including jinn and shaytan from people and places. Rahima will introduce this healing prayer.

The Letter of the Prophet II — Aisha Cotten — March 24
Aisha will continue to teach about the Letter of the Prophet and give you a chance to practice this powerful healing prayer.

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Advanced Walking & Self Healing
Many alumni express an interest in getting support for their walking through self healing methods. Here the faculty share their knowledge of what helps us walk, and they give you a chance to share your own experiences with each other.

What Happened to My Walking? Coming Back into the Arms of Allah — Rahim Bronner — April 21
Ever feel like your walking has gotten farther away?

Many of us miss the intense time of being in school, learning the prayers & healing techniques, and then after school, settling into life that is, well, different.

This class will take a look at some of those core teachings from where you are now, including bringing your heart back to God, examining daily habits, and how to build more time for prayer & healing into your current life. There will also be time to Get support with any questions or topics you may have.

Stations & States — Abdul Rahim Keeley — May 19
Our walking with Allah breaks down into two very important aspects: what we are given in life and how we respond to it. This teleclass will focus on the difference between stations and states and how this relates directly to our traveling with Allah. With an emphasis on practical applications, participants will leave with a simple process that takes them from being upset to being resolved, using only their connection to Allah.

Slavehood & the Trials of Relationships — Wadude Laird — June 16
For what purpose does Allah put us in the jalal of painful relationships? How do we meet these inevitable trials?

Our Prophet (saws) gave us a most excellent example of the adab of slavery in the face of the most challenging of relationships. Based on examples from his life and Sidi’s teachings, we will learn how to walk through these trials in ways that please Allah, re-establish acceptance and tolerance, restore the heart’s luminosity and well being, and move us closer to Allah through both gnosis and love. Insha’allah!


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Becoming a Pure Vessel of Allah
New Spiritual Healing Techniques
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Advanced Walking & Self Healing
Entire Series of 9 Sessions
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