Alumni 2016 Teleseries

There are a couple of themes running through the 6 classes– the first three stations in He Who Knows Himself Knows His Lord in your everyday life and how to work strong energies that are causing harm.

We’ve created this slate of classes with all of the alumni and former students in mind–in other words, you don’t need to be a “healer” to benefit from all six of the classes. This is your chance to broaden your knowledge, deepen your walking, and possibly expand your healing skills.

These classes have been designed for and are exclusive to the alumni and former students of USHS. We’ve put together a great series of high-value–yet affordable–classes for you in 2016. We hope that you will be joining us.

Classes are offered on 6 consecutive Tuesdays
at 5:00pm – 6:30pm Pacific Time

If you cannot make the calls live, the classes will be recorded
and emailed to students within 24-48 hours.

Price: $210 for the entire series of six classes

Schedule and Topics

[features_box_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]• April 26 — The Temptations of First Station with Aisha Cotten

• May 3 — The Temptations of the Second Station with Wadude Laird

• May 10 — The Temptations of the Third Station with Kamila Shenmen

• May 17 — Nature of the Shaytan: How to Know When You or Someone You Love is Caught and How to Break Free with Nura Laird

• May 24 — Working with Clients/People Who are Stuck with Sharifa Stuhr

• May 31 — Quick Ways to Discharge Heavy, Negative Influences with Rahima Schmall[/features_box_blue]