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Sufi spiritual healing offers many rich opportunities to open the heart and deepen your connection to Divine love that lives within each person.  Learn how Sufi teachings benefit the body, spiritual heart, soul, and mind.  Below are free resources that give you a “taste” of the teachings of Sufi spiritual healing.

Hear from our faculty how Sufi spiritual healing applies to everyday challenges.  Learn about relationships, guidance, life purpose, healing of the body, emotions, mind, and more.  Don’t miss a post.
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Journey Home, Summer 2016: Free Telecourses in Healing
We have held a few of our Journey Home series, which are hour-long lectures on diverse topics that each offer a different perspectives in healing, from personal relationships, to our sometimes harmful inner dialogue, to practical ways of approaching the path of Sufism, and beyond. The most recent series was in the Summer/Fall of 2016, and all of the recordings are available for you to replay.
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Spiritual Renewal & Infusion e-course
Our most popular program! Drink from our well of spiritual healing with this free 7-day e-course.
Read about Spiritual Renewal e-course.

Mini Courses
Learn how to apply Sufi spiritual healing to the important areas of your life:  Guidance and Decision Making, Relationships, Healing, and Success/Work Life.  These courses are audio downloads and articles that give you a “taste” of how Divine love through the spiritual heart can impact your everyday life.

Sufi Prophetic Healing Mini Course

Intro to Divine Guidance Mini course

Spiritual Healing in Families and Relationships Mini Course

Blast through Your Internal Glass Ceiling:  The Fastest Way to Transform Your Life Mini Course

Sufi Spiritual Healing Clinic
If you are in emotional pain due to loss, family issues, or a life transition, or have a chronic physical complaint such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome that is physically exhausting and emotionally draining, Sufi spiritual healing can help you.
Read about our Sufi Spiritual Healing Clinic.

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