Year Four – Masters of Divinity

The Masters of Divinity is offered in three areas of specialization. The Masters of Divinity and Advanced Certificate program consists of an additional 30+ quarter credit units of instruction after the first 3 years.

All Master’s of Divinity programs include:

  • 5 to 10-day zawiyah (depending on your program) to further advance your walking
  • Teleclasses to extend your understanding of material taught at on-site session
  • Mentoring, both individual and group, to develop your skills and support you in a practicum that launches you into your dream of bringing your gifts to the world

Spiritual Healing & Ministry includes and optional extra 10-day zawiyah.

Spiritual Healing & Counseling for Physical and Emotional Well-being

The Master’s of Divinity and Advanced Certificate in Spiritual Healing and Counseling for Physical and Emotional Well-Being is designed to produce high quality, professional healers who heal in the way of Allah. In this Master’s your will:

Deepen your own walking and healing by learning to face and transform the most difficult situations through the light of Allah. If being a healer for others is not your calling, there is flexibility in this program to use yourself as a case study and work through your own physical or emotional issues. You will learn how to apply the lessons of the Prophets, spend time in retreat, and learn how to transform the animal nafs in order to embody the qualities of Allah.

Gain excellence as a healer by delving deep into the healing secrets of the Qu’ran and qualities. You will have the opportunity in class to work with clients presenting with various illness state and learn what it takes to assess and heal at multiple levels. You will receive specific teachings on healing shame, trauma, addiction and illness.

Develop an ability to teach and walk others on the Sufi path. You will have an opportunity to study how the transition happens between stations and how to help others walk deeply. You will also learn how to hold and teach to groups, helping not just individuals but also groups to grow and change.

Mentoring, coaching, individualized attention, curriculum and practicum are all part of creating an atmosphere that allows you to bring forth the changes you want for your self and the world.

Read about the curriculum of Spiritual Healing and Counseling

Spiritual Peacemaking –

Spiritual Peacemaking is established upon the principle that Allah created all of humanity from a single soul to become one family with one father and one mother. In the Qur’an it says,

“Surely We have created you from a man and a woman and made you (diverse) peoples and tribes, so that you might come to know one another.” (Qur’an 49:13)

We really are all one family with one father and one mother, and yet most of us have no idea how to make this a reality. Even within our own families and close friendships, we often encounter misunderstandings that are sometimes irreconcilable. What does it take for us to live together as brothers and sisters in love and peace?

This is the focus of the masters in peacemaking. Through study, intense personal development and healing, and lots of practice with new skill sets, you come to understand and embody the reality of one family, and you develop the character traits of the “ones brought near,” those who have subsistence in Allah.

Our focus is twofold. The first is very personal. After learning to cultivate peace in your heart, we support you in growing more love and peace in your own home and family. Then we expand the focus to reconciling and resolving conflicts between individuals, married couples, and groups.

There is absolutely no need for prior training or experience in this field. All our students begin at the beginning. The skills and knowledge taught here are new for all of us; we are not born knowing how to resolve conflict and create harmony. So, no need for you to feel daunted by inexperience.

These teachings are practical, grounded, and applicable in any setting. Our graduates are competent and qualified to minister and give counsel to individuals, families, and groups, to help them transform conflict and heal their relationships, so they can live in Allah’s peace and love.

Some of them develop their own private practice, others incorporate their newfound capability into their current life and work situation, and others find whole new careers and ways to become a peacemaker in a variety of fields.

The astounding transformations you witness within yourself and your classmates and their surrounding lives will fill your heart with gratitude, beauty and grace as you see love restored in families, friendships, and work environments.

Read about the curriculum of Spiritual Peacemaking

Spiritual Ministry and Healing –

The Master’s of Divinity and Advanced Certificate in Spiritual Ministry & Healing is designed to:

Deepen your mastery as a Sufi spiritual healer through mentoring to deepen and expand your healing skills; expand and deepen your experience of the healing prayers and formulas; learn Prophetic Medicine and remedies; understand the wisdom and healing nature of this ancient tradition; understand the deeper mysteries behind death and grief, birth, marriage, and other major life transitions; learn how to give to the hearts what they need in these times of change; learn how to be earth, as well as learn skills to comfort, support, and uplift the spirit in times of crisis; discover how to minister hope as medicine.

Mastery of your walking. Exponentially advance your walking as you study the role of women in the Qur’an and the role of Insan al-Kamal and the Qutb. Understand what it means for you personally and for your walking; learn about the lives of the prophets and receive more deeply from the rich prophetic tradition in this Sufi way; study the Prophet’s life (pbuh), sayings, manners and diet, as well as how he was as a leader, minister, healer, diplomat and messenger as a model and example to live your life more fully; deepen your relationship to the prophets as you study and learn their example to help make the completion in your life with these teachings as a model for successful living; expand your walking and experience to be with the Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, Muhammad of your time; open the deeper, advanced teachings offered in Sidi’s books. Learn how to use these teachings to further your walking, open the deeper secrets, and practically apply them.

Develop mastery as a spiritual teacher. Learn skills as a spiritual teacher to recognize what people are witnessing and support them to open to Allah swta and help them take the next step closer to Allah swta whether you are a healer, community leader, or teacher; mastery in the development of your healing and service in the world; develop community-building skills of any type of group that you may lead or in which you hold membership; learn the Shura process and conflict resolution that applies to any group.

Create a life plan to keep your energy in balance. Plan and implement a practicum that reflects what your heart yearns to manifest; understand and know the stations more deeply so that you recognize the keys in each station that need to be unlocked for yourself and others so that you can walk more deeply; deepen skills as a spiritual healer and teacher so that you can help people get unstuck and know what the prescription in for that situation; develop spiritual leadership mastery; receive coaching that supports you in all ways – practical and spiritual – for all aspects of your life.

Read about the curriculum of Spiritual Ministry & Healing

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