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The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism (USHS) offers a unique educational opportunity to all those who seek spiritual healing and who long for a life in unity with the creation and the Creator. A classical Sufi education teaches the human being how to be truly happy. Through developing an intimate and holy relationship with God, the spiritual traveler begins to receive the divine outpouring of healing, protection, wisdom and knowledge from the source. As self-limiting habits, experiences and beliefs are gently washed away, the heart becomes filled to overflowing with love, beauty and peace. A deeply purposeful life of divinely-guided service to others naturally unfolds.

The spiritual founder and guide of this University, Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal (affectionately known as Sidi), lives on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and works tirelessly for love, peace, mercy, justice and freedom throughout the world. He says about the University,

“This University is the only one in the whole world to teach only divine teachings…It’s a Sufi university, built on the message of unity.”

Sidi also writes,

“If the Muslims, Jews, Christians, and the people of any other religion knew their religion well, then there would be only one religion, the religion of love, peace, mercy, justice and freedom.”

Our students include:

  • People seeking to become master spiritual healers from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Ministers seeking to integrate deeper spiritual teachings into their ministry.
  • Seekers of truth, unity, love and wisdom who are attracted to the purity and oneness of this divine tradition.
  • Jewish, Kabbalistic, and Christian students seeking to understand the heart of their religions.
  • Seekers from many of the Eastern and Latin American religious traditions who yearn for the world of God and union with the Divine.
  • Young people who are looking for answers and who want to find purpose and meaning in their lives.
  • Muslims who want to understand the mystical aspects of Islam and to reach the inner reality of Truth.

The purpose of a USHS education is to establish the unity in the hearts of all our students. Our aim is to give each student the skills, knowledge and support necessary to embody the divine qualities of love, peace, compassion, strength, wisdom, generosity, holiness and many, many more.

The USHS faculty and staff are committed travelers on the Sufi path. Students from many different spiritual and religious traditions attend our University. Many students adopt the Sufi way formally during the course of their education, but this is not a requirement. Students commonly report that our training enhances, deepens and enriches their own personal spiritual practice and relationship to the Divine. Simply put, our goal is not to create more Sufis: our goal is to inspire people to travel in this holy journey of transformation, healing and loving service.

Our University offers a four-year master’s/advanced certificate program. The first three years of study provide a core curriculum which forms the foundation for the fourth year master’s/advanced certificate program. Graduates of this fourth year will earn a Master’s in Divinity degree or an Advanced Certificate (for those without a bachelor’s degree).

Students who have graduated previously from the University’s three year program are welcome to return to complete their fourth year and earn their Master’s in Divinity or Advanced Certificate.

There may also be students who do not want a masters degree at the outset; they are free to enter the program and take it step-by-step. If they eventually find that they want to complete the masters program, we will support them in that direction.

We eagerly look forward to welcoming you to our university.

Learn More About the Year One, Year Two, and Year Three curriculum here.

Learn more about the Year Four – Masters of Divinity curriculum here.

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