What is God’s plan for your life? Do you know? Are you living it right now?

Usually, we know if we are fulfilling God’s plan for our life. We can feel it deep without heart and being. Another way to tell is to look to see if any of these are popping up in your life:

*  Lack of serenity
*  Dreading your job
*  Troubled with anxiety that you just can’t shake
*  Internal doubts
*  Yearning for something more

All of these are symptoms that something needs to change, something new wants to open. Perhaps you’re not totally off base, you just need a gentle course correction from God. Or, maybe you know you’re ready to take it to the next level and you feel blocked.  And, perhaps you need some support so that the “new” can open and blossom in your life.

We are blessed to announce that UOS President and nationally recognized healer Dr. Ibrahim, Jaffe, MD will be leading us in a free teleclass. Please invite anyone you feel could really use some life direction.

Claim Your Destiny – What is Your Divine Service?
March 27, Tuesday
5:30-7pm pdt/ 6:30-8pm pdt/ 7:30-9pm cdt/ 8:30-10pm edt
Cost: Free

(This teleclass is part of our Winter Fund Drive.  Dr. Jaffe will take a few minutes to describe how you can support UOS to continue to offer programs like these.)

In this 60-minute no-charge teleclass you will:

*  Understand the relationship of the changing consciousness of the world as it relates to your Divine service
*  Learn the KEYS to stepping into YOUR service in the world
*  Receive inspiration and insight into knowing your next steps
*  Discover the role of an action plan to divinely inspired insight
*  Open new insights into what Allah wants for you and your service

If you are struggling with understanding your life purpose, or if you already a healer or feel compelled to bring love in to this world and make it a better place, we invite you to register for this class now!