Divine Manifestation

To What Extent Do We Create Our Own Reality?

To What Extent Do We Create Our Own Reality?

    Quick announcement before today’s article: We’re just 4 weeks away from the start of the Spring Masters of Divinity program. If you are interested in the Masters of Divinity program, please connect with one of our enrollment specialists to begin your application process now. CLICK HERE to connect with an Enrollment Specialist.   …continue reading…

Only 16 days left in 2016!  What?

Only 16 days left in 2016! What?

Wow!  You may have been hearing that time is speeding up.  Seems entirely true when you realize there are only 16 days left in this year – counting today!  Where did it go? At the beginning of 2016, we offered a class on Setting Foundations for a Meaningful Life – a formula for living a …continue reading…

Gratitude, Abundance, & Sufficiency

Gratitude, Abundance, & Sufficiency

We’re in the season of gratitude and giving.   This is a strong community. I believe you are practicing gratitude every day, and perhaps this is a time to spend more time to allow your heart to be expanded by the feelings of gratitude, to turn to Allah in awe for the many gifts we’ve …continue reading…

To Accept or To Change: The Wisdom to Know the Difference

“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” These are the words to a beautiful hymn that most of us have grown up with. With the tragedies we are facing today sparking pain, grief and fears in our hearts and bellies, it’s hard to know what to say or do, or …continue reading…

Join Us on the Path of Love

Our Path of Love event is right around the corner! It takes place September 20-23 in beautiful Petaluma, California. We guarantee you won’t want to miss this life-changing opportunity. For more information, download the event flier here or click here to visit the enrollment page.