Divine Love

Compassion vs. Tough Love  -  are they mutually exclusive?

Compassion vs. Tough Love – are they mutually exclusive?

I received this question from one of our community members the other day, and I thought it would be a great one to explore this week. When to use compassion, when to employ “tough love” – are they mutually exclusive? I posed the question to a few of our faculty members, and here’s a response …continue reading…

From Unlovable to LOVE

From Unlovable to LOVE

This morning, I was listening to an interview with our USHS Co-President, Kamila Shenmen. In this interview, Kamila speaks about the experience of feeling unlovable, which she carried for the first 50 years of her life. Wow! She lived with this belief for 50 years, and managed to heal it completely in a relatively short …continue reading…

The Tawba Trap: How Sorry Should You Be for Your Mistakes?

Tawba is one of the foundational teachings in Sufism – and a natural part of being human regardless of religious beliefs. Tawba simply means repentance – sorrow and regret for the mistakes we’ve made in life. Once we recognize we’ve made a mistake, it’s natural to feel sorry, especially if it hurt someone’s heart or …continue reading…

Join Us on the Path of Love

Our Path of Love event is right around the corner! It takes place September 20-23 in beautiful Petaluma, California. We guarantee you won’t want to miss this life-changing opportunity. For more information, download the event flier here or click here to visit the enrollment page.