Year One

For a general introduction to our academic program as a whole, please go here: Academic Programs.

Year One provides an introduction to the “religion of unity,” and tools for entering into a loving, trusting and surrendered relationship with God. You begin to travel in the “ship of safety,” which is the divinely revealed guidelines and principles that allow the human being to make this journey in a sound, protected, beautiful and successful way. Learning how to heal your body, heart and spirit through the divine light of Allah is a primary focus of your first year. In order to help others, you must first heal yourself. We support you to form a dynamic and authentic connection with the Light and Presence of God, and through this connection, your own healing occurs. As you are healed, you open to receive God’s Light and let it guide your journey. In short, the first year program gives you a strong and reliable foundation to travel “from the world of the creation to the world of the Creator.”

Academic Program Year One Courses

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