Spiritual Ministry and Healing

Instructors: Salima Adelstein, Aisha Cotten and Hamid Werder

Once the journey to God is complete, the journey in God begins. In the Spiritual Ministry and Healing major, we explore the infinite journey in God. It provides the foundation for living a life with God in the world.

Students learn the principles of love as a transformative power; how to care for yourself, the earth and others, moment by moment. Ceremonies and healings for major life transitions, such as births and weddings, illnesses, natural disasters and death are addressed.

Course work includes practicum and research in orphanages, hospices, children’s hospitals and centers, relief efforts, sustainable agriculture enterprises and green and natural building eco-villages.

We explore the inner and outer dimensions of the perfect servant of God, Insan-al-Kamal, the angels and the jinn, female spirituality in Islam, the inner meaning of Islamic rites and the spiritual significance of the Qur’an.

“The experience deepened my healing skills, my walking on our Sufi path, and especially my closeness to Allah.” – C.D.

Curriculum topics include:

  • Love as a transformative power
  • Healing in every moment – words that heal the heart, soothe the soul and uplift the spirit
  • Inner and outer dimensions of Insan-al-Kamal
  • Litanies for protection from illnesses & disasters
  • The vision and nature of hope for the future
  • God as Love and Light
  • Death and the Barzakh
  • The angels and jinn
  • Female spirituality in Islam
  • Spiritual significance of the Qur’an
  • Inner meaning of Islamic rites
  • The Life, Tradition and Sayings of the prophets

Spiritual Ministry & Healing Course Descriptions and Credits

821 Sufi Principles and Techniques of Spiritual Ministry – (3 credits)

This course examines the roles and responsibilities of a minister in the Shadhiliyya Sufi way. It explores the issues of major life transitions, birth, relationships, marriage, crisis intervention, death and dying. The focus will be on blessings, protections, and how the word can be used to comfort the heart, soothe the soul and uplift the spirit.

822 Crisis, Death and Dying – (2 credits)

This course provides an understanding of the dynamics of the death and dying process. Various Qur’anic passages and Hadiths will be discussed and specific skills addressed to help those in crisis.

823 Sufi Perspectives on the Prophets of the Way – (2 credits)

This course offers an in-depth study of the healing principles exemplified in the lives of the prophets; Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, Maryam, Yusef, Ayyub and Muhammad. The focus is on developing the qualities of a Sufi healer who embodies and carries the message of the peace, love, mercy, justice and freedom of Allah, swta.

824 Healing in the Way of the Prophets – (3 credits)

This course offers practical tools for the treatment of specific spiritual illnesses. Sidi’s remedies and healing formulas will serve as the basis for study.

825 Angels Unveiled: A Sufi Perspective – (1/2 credit)

This course explores the Qur’anic references to the angels’ eschatological functions. A journey into the belief and faith sets the context for study.

826 Women in the Qu’ran – (1 credit)

This course highlights the role of women and an understanding of the Qu’ran’s perspective on the status of women. This course explores the gap between the reality of woman in Islam and the popular conception of oppression of women. Case studies of relationship issues will be presented and practical tools demonstrated.

827 Sufi Spiritual Principles Evident in the World – (1 credit)

This course will investigate the research into current world issues (i.e. aids in Africa, stem cell research, sustainable agriculture, green buildings, global warming, organ donation, orphans and orphanages, the plight of war-torn children) and how Sufi spiritual principles can be applied.

828 Sufi Spiritual Retreat (Zawiyah) Practicum – (6 credits)
This course provides the opportunity for residential study of the 7 stations of the heart, the five pillars of Islam, the 99 holy names, and the unveiling of the secrets of the love of God.

829 Advanced Sufi Spiritual Retreat (Zawiyah) – SMS 8018 (8 credits)

This course goes deeper into the holding and walking of students through the first journey to God and the second journey in God. It creates the foundation to build a community ministry.

830 Individual and Group Mentoring (6 credits)

Students receive guidance on walking others through major life transitions, death and dying, birth, marriage, relationships, crisis intervention; on crafting their ministry skills; strengthening their foundation for living a life with God in the world and support on bringing their service projects to fruition.

831 Spiritual Ministry Service Project – (6 credits)

This course gives students the opportunity to develop a personal plan of service to carry their ministry into the world. It involves fieldwork, journaling, mentoring and supervision. In addition, students organize and participate in a residential healing intensive.

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