Course Description Year Two

601 Foundations of Sufism: Planting Your Tree (30 hours)

With the solid foundation you received in your first year, you are now able to take a big jump in your understandings and realizations of the deeper meaning and practices of the Sufi way. Central to this exponential leap will be your discovery of the true light of unity that carries the teachings of all the prophets. Your heart will open to the wisdom that pours through the spirits of Abrahim (Ibrahim), Moses (Musa), Jesus (‘Isa) and Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon them all. You will enter deeply into the inner meanings, secrets and healing power of the most holy recitation in the Sufi tradition: the Fatihah, which is the prayer invoking Allah’s power to open the way and grant success in all endeavors. Another primary focus will be to guide your heart to have deeper trust in God so that you might gain the relief, peace and safety that comes when you cast all the concerns of your heart into Allah’s arms (tawakkul). “This knowledge is the father of all the sciences, and the dearest, the greatest of them is the knowledge of tasawwuf, the Sufi path, which is to clean your heart so that it may become the house of your Lord.” (Sidi)

602 Philosophy of Gnosis: an Applied Science for Self-Healing (26 hours)

In this course you take another big jump in your journey of personal healing, purification and beautification. You learn how to walk through some of the most important and challenging stations of the way. You receive deep teachings in how to say “No” to and discharge the darkness (shaytan) through special healing techniques preserved through the years in the Sufi tradition. “This cure depends upon the heart’s power as it fully trusts Allah and fully depends on Allah, seeking refuge in Him, surrendering in humility between His hands, asking for a remedy from Him with the best of manners.” (Sidi) Finally, you deepen your heart’s ability to witness Allah and to develop deeply loving and compassionate relationships with others.

603 Prophetic Medicine & Nutrition (18 hours)

Sidi writes, “… prophetic medicine is a science by which the states of the human body, and what is good for it, and what it must be rid of, is known in order to maintain or regain its healthy state…Prophetic medicine is definite and certain.” This course provides further training in the art of prophetic medicine, including basic principles in how to assess and recommend natural remedies to bring healing and relief to others. The holy practice of cupping is introduced. This method of healing many diseases was recommended directly to the prophets by the archangel Gabriel (Jibril). It brings many blessings and deep healing, if Allah wills.

604 Spiritual Healing Techniques: Deepening Your Skills as a Spiritual Healer (28 hours)

This course, which is a major focus of your second year, seeks to create a quantum leap in your ability to heal, which is made possible (God willing) by the solid foundation of your first year of training. “The skillful practitioner is the one who, by Allah’s leave, is able to dispel that which harms the human being. . . .Thus s/he restores lost health or maintains the balance of good health.” (Sidi) You are guided to use several deeply holy healing methods traditionally given only to sincere travelers on the way to Allah. You learn how to recite some of the sacred healing prayers (surahs) given by Allah in the Qur’an – prayers that have immense power to protect, heal and transform yourself and others, if Allah wills. You receive additional training in the art of spiritual healing, including but not limited to, how to establish a truly sacred and unconditionally loving healing relationship with others; how to discern the inner realities that cause disease and separation; how to contain and transform strong states such as anger, fear, grief and anxiety. You discover that the more you give these uniquely sacred and effective healings to others, the more healing and blessings you receive yourself.

605 Sufi Philosophy of Being a Human; The Science of the Human Being (26 hours)

This course substantially expands your ability to build healthy, fulfilling relationships. First you deepen your relationship with your self, then with Allah, and then with others. Lots of practice with real life situations gives you the necessary skills to return home to create healthier relationships in all areas of your life. This all rests on your ability to access the source of love, compassion and wisdom in your own heart and use your innate resources to transform conflict and separation into harmony, understanding and unity. “Keep your brothers and sisters special in your heart, and give them love and peace and help and mercy. This is the meaning of brothers / sisters in God.” (Sidi)

600 Sufi Spiritual Practices – Khalwah Retreat (30 hours)

Every human being is journeying on a personal migration to his/her Lord. This course immerses you experientially into one of the essential spiritual practices of the Sufi tradition: the spiritual retreat or khalwah. This retreat of deep prayer and spiritual recitations takes place during the night. It provides unique opportunities to travel deeply to your Lord through a series of traditional Sufi practices.

609 Building a Ship of Safety – Fiqh (8 hours)

This course focuses on building a foundation of understanding (fiqh) the form of the way. As Sidi says, “The ship which can carry us through the stormy waters of this world to the opposite shore of Allah’s peace and promise is the surrender, al-Islam. Islam is a jewel of holy wisdom and mercy transmitted from the Most High through the agency of His Prophets and Messengers. Being such a jewel from on high, it bears many facets and dimensions within it. As one surrenders more and more deeply, more facets and dimensions reveal themselves. We begin to travel with the understanding of the shari`a, the form of the path.” The form of the path is the spiritual practices, which are gifts of mercy that Allah gave to His beloved Prophet Muhammad. By following his example, these practices transform from being simply bodily motions to a spring of light, love and peace that supports us in our daily life, keeping us connected with the Divine. They act as the vehicle which carries us on our spiritual journey as we ascend along the way. Understanding how to perform the practices like the Prophet helps us to build our own Ship of Safety, as the Prophet said, “Whomever Allah wishes good for, He will make them knowledgeable in the spiritual way.”

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