Course Description Year Three

701 Foundations of Sufism: Traversing the Way (28 hours)

In this course you deepen your exploration of the world of the soul (jabarut) – a vast reality filled with the unlimited power and possibilities of the divine truth (al-haqq), As you deepen your desire to follow Allah’s orders and avoid His prohibitions through your deepening love and gratitude for Allah, He substantially expands the love and blessings showered into your own heart. As your soul is washed again and again in this ocean of love, it increasingly tastes the sweetness of annihilation (al-fana) into God’s qualities. “Allah gave the human being some gifts of His qualities. He adorned the human being with lofty ethics and made him as a divine mirror, pure and clear.” The student traveler begins to touch the high station where s/he becomes the eyes, ears, tongue, hands and feet of Allah. Through an ever-deepening relationship of love with Allah, the Most High increasingly grants the prayers of His beloveds. Allah begins to open the worlds of divine gnosis to the traveler. In spite of the immensity of these blessings, more walking is needed. “Anyone who believes in this knowledge is a (person) of distinction. Anyone who understands it is of special prominence. Anyone who expresses it is as high as a star and unfathomable as the sea.” (Sidi)

702 Know the Secret of Your Life: He Who Knows Himself Knows His Lord (20 hours)

In this course you continue your healing journey. Sidi writes, “The fire of love will ignite in your heart, discharging the desires of the self and the shaytan.” In order to know yourself, you come to know that you are a mirror of the prophets. “The truth is that you are a holy jewel born from Allah’s Love.” Here you are guided and supported to discover this truth and to clear whatever prevents you from living your essence. Sidi says, “After you know the meaning of this name, and you know that the holiest place is inside you, you will be the greatest star…The holiest place is inside you… I want to show you yourself, and this self is the mirror of God.” When you touch your “secret” you begin to live in the real garden, clothed in the lights of Allah’s everlasting qualities of love, peace, beauty and majesty. The journey of arrival begins to complete itself.

703 Prophetic Medicine & Nutrition (12 hours)

“The skillful practitioner (of prophetic medicine) is the one who, by Allah’s leave, is able to dispel that which harms the human being…Thus, he restores lost health or maintains the balance of good health. He removes existing illness by applying its opposite. He confronts illness with that which prevents its occurrence–diet and care.” (Sidi) This course continues to increase your knowledge of prophetic remedies, nutrition and special healing prayers. You begin to understand the truth of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) assertion that, “Allah did not send down a disease without sending down a remedy for it.” Prophetic medicine is the art of discerning and applying the natural remedies that Allah has prescribed for the human being to relieve suffering and restore health.

704 Advanced Spiritual Healing Techniques: Healing on the Soul Level (32 hours)

“The skillful healer is one who obeys all the orders of Allah, abstains from all prohibitions to the extent that he is able, and is totally sincere to Allah, so that the shaytan (darkness) fails in any attempts of seduction. A completely necessary condition for effective treatment by a healer is that the healer is in the state of slavehood to Allah alone.” (Sidi) Building upon previous spiritual healing courses (504 & 604), this course presents more advanced spiritual healing techniques with a focus on healing the soul and returning its witnessing to Allah. You learn to clear the influences of the darkness (ash-shaytan) through healing prayers used throughout the ages. A primary focus of this course is to help you integrate and synthesize everything you’ve learned, so that you can bring healing to others through your own unique gifts and talents. As you start “putting everything together” you will find your skills, confidence and passion to heal others expanding in new and exciting ways.

705 The Way to Build a Successful Community: the Way of Unity (18 hours)

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves, and remember Allah’s favor upon you, for you were enemies one to another, but He joined your hearts together so that, by His grace, you became brothers.” This course introduces some basic methods of helping people to resolve conflict and helping groups to function effectively. Allah created many different types of people; there is deep wisdom in the challenges this presents to us. “Surely We have created you from a man and a woman and made you (diverse) peoples and tribes, so that you might come to know one another.” (Quran: 49:13)

In this course you learn to guide people beyond their egos to begin living in their hearts. Through conflict we can become the rocks to polish each other’s ego and clean the mirror of our hearts. Conflicts are addressed with love, open communication and a spirit of reconciliation. Basic processes of community governance are introduced ¬– processes which respect the essential dignity and value of each individual, while supporting the contributions of individuals who may carry more wisdom or knowledge in a particular area. Creating well-functioning communities is one of the greatest and most challenging of the spiritual arts.

706 How to Carry the Message of Unity (18 hours)

This course is designed to help you define your unique gifts, discover your divine purpose, and begin to manifest more deeply and intentionally your service to Allah and the world. “First help yourself. After you help yourself, help your brothers and sisters. Be the earth (for them) and let everyone who needs this earth walk upon it.” Service is the culmination of the Sufi path. “The way out of your suffering is to give for the suffering of others. The greatest door to paradise is through love of the poor.” Now you begin to fulfill the purpose of your Sufi university education: to embody and spread Allah’s message of unity – the message of love, peace, mercy, justice, freedom and beauty.

700 Sufi Spiritual Practices – Khalwah Retreat (30 hours)

Every human being is journeying on a personal migration to his/her Lord. This course immerses you experientially into one of the essential spiritual practices of the Sufi tradition: the spiritual retreat or khalwah. This retreat of deep prayer and spiritual recitations takes place during the night. It provides unique opportunities to travel deeply to your Lord through a series of traditional Sufi practices.

709 Building a Ship of Safety – Fiqh (8 hours)

This course focuses on building a foundation of understanding (fiqh) the form of the way. As Sidi says, “The ship which can carry us through the stormy waters of this world to the opposite shore of Allah’s peace and promise is the surrender, al-Islam. Islam is a jewel of holy wisdom and mercy transmitted from the Most High through the agency of His Prophets and Messengers. Being such a jewel from on high, it bears many facets and dimensions within it. As one surrenders more and more deeply, more facets and dimensions reveal themselves. We begin to travel with the understanding of the shari`a, the form of the path.” The form of the path is the spiritual practices, which are gifts of mercy that Allah (swt),  gave to His beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws). By following his example, these practices transform from being simply bodily motions to a spring of light, love and peace that supports us in our daily life, keeping us connected with the Divine. They act as the vehicle which carries us on our spiritual journey as we ascend along the way. Understanding how to perform the practices like the Prophet (saws) helps us to build our own Ship of Safety, as the Prophet (saws) said, “Whomever Allah wishes good for, He will make them knowledgeable in the spiritual way.”

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