Course Description Year One

501 Foundations of Sufism: Principles of a Sufi Spiritual Life (37 hours)

The three Foundations courses (501, 601, and 701) comprise the backbone of our program, as they provide the fundamental teachings needed to journey to God in the way of unity, the way taken by all the prophets. Sidi says, “I take you through this teaching to be with Allah. I take your hand and tell you, ‘Here you are.’ We take our beloveds from the world of illusion to the world of the Real. These are the secrets.” This course (501) introduces the foundational teachings of the Sufi way: the true nature of the human being, the steps necessary to develop an intimate relationship with God, along with the spiritual practices that help maintain that relationship through all of the challenges of everyday life.

502 Philosophy of Gnosis: Practical Application for Personal Healing and Beautification (38 hours)

This course is where you “clean your humanity and transform it into a reflection of divinity” (Sidi). Here we provide the understandings and practical resources so that you can heal yourself with the “clean water” of God’s love and spirit, use the effective traditional Sufi healing methods to meet any challenges in your life, and return your heart to its connection with your Lord. You receive individual training to open your heart to both receive more love and to give more love; individual healing sessions to clear illness and deep personal issues; and loving support to discover the hidden treasures that live within your heart. Learning how to wash your heart of anger, envy, trauma, grief, shame and inadequacy frees you to discover the deeper qualities of love, joy and peace that Allah placed deep in your spirit. Through this healing process of purification and beautification, you begin to live in real freedom – freedom from suffering, separation and limitation. Personal breakthroughs are a regular occurrence in this course!

503 Prophetic Medicine & Nutrition (15 hours)

“Allah did not send down a disease without sending down a remedy for it.” (Sidi) This course teaches you the fundamental principles and introduces some of the most central nutritional and herbal remedies derived from the tradition of the prophetic healers. Through these teachings, you become your own first “case study.” We help you create a treatment plan that correlates to your own needs and conditions; you record your results as you follow this program for the year. Sidi writes, ”It is undeniable that many sick people benefit from prophetic medicine when they receive it with acceptance and (unshakable) belief that it heals. It is complete reception with complete faith and surrender that heals.”

504 Spiritual Healing Techniques (17 hours)

This course builds upon the self-healing course (502), and provides various methods for healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease. Here we provide theoretical and practical training in how to facilitate profoundly effective spiritual healing for others, ie. family, friends and clients. You learn to become a vessel through which divine healing and wisdom can flow. Personalized coaching helps you strengthen your abilities to align with the divine, perceive the essential lights and subtle pictures that cause disease, create a trusting, sacred relationship with your client, and help the client discharge all difficulties through opening to divine healing. Sidi writes, “For the healer to be a true healer you must have a heart full of love and mercy and peace. This will be the secret of your ability to heal. To carry these qualities is the secret of healing.”

505 Human Relationships: How to Communicate in a Human Way (21 hours)

In this course you learn the essentials of relating to others from your heart with love and the deep politeness (adab) of the Sufis. Learning how to listen with the deep heart is the first key. Sidi emphasized the importance of good listening when he said that the first word that Allah said to all the prophets was “Listen.” You learn to speak authentically and to respond with love and wisdom in emotionally charged situations. You will have ample opportunities to practice, so that you take home a new paradigm and skill set for relating to people in your life.

500 Sufi Spiritual Practices – Khalwah Retreat (30 hours)

Every human being is journeying on a personal migration to his/her Lord. This course immerses you experientially into one of the essential spiritual practices of the Sufi tradition: the spiritual retreat or khalwah. This retreat of deep prayer and spiritual recitations takes place during the night. It provides unique opportunities to travel deeply to your Lord through a series of traditional Sufi practices.

509 Building a Ship of Safety-Fiqh (8 hours)

This course focuses on building a foundation of understanding (fiqh) the form of the way. As Sidi says, “The ship which can carry us through the stormy waters of this world to the opposite shore of God’s peace and promise is the surrender, al-Islam. Islam is a jewel of holy wisdom and mercy transmitted from the Most High through the agency of His Prophets and Messengers. Being such a jewel from on high, it bears many facets and dimensions within it. As one surrenders more and more deeply, more facets and dimensions reveal themselves. We begin to travel with the understanding of the shari`a, the form of the path.” The form of the path is the spiritual practices, which are gifts of mercy that Allah gave to His beloved Prophet Muhammad. By following his example, these practices transform from being simply bodily motions to a spring of light, love and peace that supports us in our daily life, keeping us connected with the Divine. They act as the vehicle which carries us on our spiritual journey as we ascend along the way. Understanding how to perform the practices like the Prophet helps us to build our own Ship of Safety, as the Prophet said, “Whomever Allah wishes good for, He will make them knowledgeable in the spiritual way.”

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