Student Service Projects

My Journey To Love : Service Projects from our Masters of Divinity Graduates


Our Sufi University graduates all complete a masters practicum that puts their learning to work in the real world.  They invest at least 160 hours in an endeavor of their hearts’ inspiration that brings more love, peace, and wisdom into their corner of the world.  Instead of the academic rigor of a thesis from a traditional university, our students have surrendered to a spiritual rigor of continuously cleaning their hearts of the ego-tendencies that inhibit unconditional love.

This allows our students to discover true self-acceptance and self-realization by seeing themselves in light of Divine Love.  Ultimately, our students learn to embody the teachings of our beloved prophets from Abraham to Moses to Jesus to Muhammad, and in turn, they discover how this has strengthened and expanded their unique contribution to the world.

Our students’ theses come in two forms, Section 1: Inspiring Stories of Service and Section 2: Exciting Plans/Products for Service. Simply hover over and then select an image to read each piece.

Section 1 : Inspiring Stories of Service

Section 2: Exciting Plans/Products for Service




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