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University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism

Organization Description

The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering world peace through love, healing, service, and leadership. Led by Co-Presidents Maxine Salima Adelstein and Carolyn Kamila Shenmen, the teachings of USHS are based on classical Sufi principles. The school offers Academic Programs in Spiritual Ministry and Sufi StudiesSpiritual Healing and Counseling, and Spiritual Peacemaking in the Sufi Way.  Public Programs are offered as distance learning programs.

General information is available by emailing or by calling toll-free 1-800-238-3060.


Maxine Salima Adelstein
Carolyn Kamila Shenmen

Board of Directors

  • Maxine Salima Adelstein, Co-President, Dean of Academic Affairs, Chair of Spiritual Ministry & Sufi Studies
  • Carolyn Kamila Shenmen, Co-President
  • Dr. Robert Ibrahim Jaffe MD, Founder
  • John Wadude Laird MD
  • James Salih Cotten
  • Renata Rifqa Parrino, Secretary of the Board
  • Kimberlee Halima Bach
  • Scott Salman Lucas
  • Phil Latif Sorenson
  • Pat Abdullah Aylward, Co-Chair
  • Carol Zahra Lee
  • Patricia Laila Brady Walzer
  • Donna Jamila Crews-Finney
  • Sharmila Graefer
  • Lora Nura Laird, Dean, Chair of Spiritual Peacemaking
  • Maria Mu’mina McConchie
  • Dawn Rauda Meltzer, Co-Chair
  • Renata Rifqa Parrino
  • Cheryl Rahima Ritenbaugh, PhD, Co-Chair

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Administrative Offices

PO Box 729
Angwin, CA  94508
707-965-0400 voice
800-238-3060 toll-free
707-965-4101 fax

Web Site

Academic Programs Location

The Academic Programs are held at the Shadhiliyya Sufi Retreat Center in Pope Valley, California.


The USHS offers teleclasses which are learning modules held in a virtual environment, available to people worldwide through the privacy, convenience, and comfort of their own phone. For more information click here.

Speakers Bureau

Our faculty members are in-demand speakers on a variety of health and spiritual topics. For more information about booking a USHS speaker, click here.

Our Spiritual Path

All of our teachings come from the 1500-year-old spiritual tradition of Sufism. The faculty members are all practitioners of the Sufi Way, but there is no requirement to “become Sufi” in order to attend classes or to learn from the teachers.

At USHS, we understand that each of us holds tremendous potential in our hearts. We teach our students life-changing skills and spiritual practices in order to heal themselves and others through the light of Divine Love. Guided by our experienced faculty members, you will gain tools that teach you how to cleanse your clients’ hearts quickly and effectively of fear, pain, anger, sadness, anxiety, and other draining emotions, leading to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

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