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About our Faculty

Our USHS Faculty are teachers, healers, transformational leaders, therapists, medical and alternative health professionals and business leaders. In addition to credentials, they have extensive field experience and teaching experience.

Each of our faculty members has taken the inner journey to personal transformation and spiritual development. They know how to transmit the depth of their experience to listeners and students, guiding them on their own experiential journey to connect with the Divine Love within their own hearts.


Meet our Faculty

Kamila Carolyn Shenmen John Wadude Laird
Nura Laird Rahima Schmall
Paul Hamid Werder Amany Shalaby


What program participants say

“Rahima Schmall is a wonderful teacher who feels deeply, sees clearly, and embodies the healing wisdom of the heart. Her unconditional support for her students allows them to find and bring forth personal strengths previously unknown. She is a gift you give to your emerging self.” ~ Jim B. PhD

“Thank you [Nura Laird] for the knowledge, wisdom and love you gave us in class. I LOVE the way you move with us through this incredible, dynamic journey! I worked through some very important, deep places in my marriage as a result of the teaching and role plays. I’ve heard you described as “stellar.” And that you are!” ~J.S.

“Nura Laird combines deep insight and wisdom with a mastery of healing to guide people to peace, health and inner freedom.” ~M.G.

“Dr. Laird has a heart richer than gold, deeper than any ocean and as gentle as any of God’s creatures – and he knows how to make us laugh! Thank you Dr. Laird.” ~M.G.

“Kamila Shenmen is inspiring and thought-provoking”. ~ H.A.

“Your [Kamila Shenmen] spirit, teaching and care are most appreciated – a gift that I will always cherish.” ~ E.G.

“Kamila Shenmen, I thank God for making it possible for me to drink from your knowledge.”
~ D.G.

“Kamila, your unselfish love and support are gifts I never take for granted.” ~ M.A.