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  1. Nur

    I can surely relate to the discomfort of praise until it is translated into the language of love. A more difficult one is the reverse, the discomfort of rejection. The cure is the same- reliance on a God of Love, but the sting comes with the honey.

    1. Sara Khan

      Nur, thank you for sharing. Would you like to share an example of translating the discomfort of praise or rejection into love. I think many could benefit from this teaching.

  2. aamina sandy thomason

    What a beautiful note. who wrote it?

    1. Sara Khan

      I am the author of this blog. My name is Sara Khan. I am a USHS graduate and a Sufi Healer. I am available for healings through the USHS virtual clinic.
      Thank you for your kind appreciation.

  3. Latifah Georgia Mae Johnson

    Dearest Beloved Sister in the Way:

    What beauty this has brought to my heart this morning! What a perfect lesson on my difficulties with having mercy and compassion for myself, and what hope this writing offers me for continued walking. Allah is, indeed, Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim. May Allah continue to send the blessings of this writing to every heart in His creation, wave after wave of gratitude, until His contentment fills us all with His new creation in us.

    Much Love and Gratitude, Latifah Georgia Johnson

    1. Sara Khan

      Beloved Latifah, thank you for your kind response. You Say, Allah is, indeed, Bismillah is Rahman ir Rahim. Would you mind sharing what this means for you in the context of having mercy for yourself? There are many readers who would benefit from your understanding and how this beautiful teaching has unfolded for you.

  4. mike

    This is the truth!
    As a beginner on the path of Love!

    1. Sara Khan

      Thank you humble one, for your kind response. Here is a Sidi quote from Music of the Soul for you.
      “He wants your soul to be only with Him. He does not like you to be with anyone else because there is no other. There is no beginning and no end because you are the beginning and there is no end to you. You are the mercy and you are the politeness, but know yourself well, and open your heart to know how you sit with the Beloved. He is the secret.”
      Al-Adab: Politeness – Third station of the heart.

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